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Jaimee About UsMuse Event Planning and Production, LLC has been a dream of Jaimee’s for years and having it come to fruition has been an amazing journey. Growing up in a household where every event and milestone was celebrated with love, creativity and attention to detail started her out on this path even before she realized it. Jaimee became a certified event and convention planner to do what she is passionate about, creating events that reflect her client’s vision and their personalities. After completion of her certification she interned with several event coordinators and had the pleasure of interning as a production assistant to Niki McKay, principal owner of Blue Danube Productions. Using her experience in business management along with her education in event planning and on the job, Jaimee prides herself in creating original, flawless events everytime.

about jaimee About Us

  • Although obsessed with belly dancing right now, she has taken and loves all forms of dance (she even remembers two of her dance routines from high school).
  • She used to be a figure skater.
  • She has four dogs and one cat, but if her husband would let her it would be more.
  • She wants to live on the island of Maui someday.
  • She still tears up at weddings!